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Build Your HR Toolkit with Staff Smart

People are the core of any business. Hiring, training, evaluating, and retaining talent is critical to a company’s success. Not quite sure of the best way to do it? Staff Smart can help! Staff Smart is a proven set of HR tools to support employee orientation, development, and management.

The finer details

The Staff Smart HR toolkit covers the entire employment experience, from hiring to firing. You’ll get easy-to-use workbooks for supervisors and employees, as well as a CD containing templates for a wide range of HR forms. The staffing tools include:

• An orientation checklist so you can accelerate employee entry and transition,
• A job description outline that is proven to promote performance and productivity,
• Work goal samples and guidelines that provide tangible goals which enable employees to excel,
• Different formats for creating employee development plans,
• Tools to help you develop a partnership that allows all employees to grow and succeed, and
• Guidance on giving employee performance feedback to get results.

By using the Staff Smart staffing toolkit, you can boost your retention ratio, increase productivity and profitability, and improve customer service.

• Staff Smart Starter – Provides you with the basics you need to increase productivity and employee satisfaction; includes free telephone and email correspondence. $179
• Staff Smart Plus – Provides all the benefits of the Staff Smart Starter plus the added benefit of personal on-site management coaching. Call 1.866.363.4637 for pricing.

Table of Contents – Supervisor Workbook

I. Welcome to the Staff Smart Process
II. Action Steps for Planning and Development
Step 1: Employee Orientation Checklist
Step 2: Discuss Organizational Mission and Employee Job Description*
Step 3: Establish Employee Work Goals*
Step 4: Identify Job Skills Required and Assess Employee Skills
Step 5: Clarify Employee’s Professional Needs
Step 6: Create an Employee Growth and Development Plan*
Step 7: Set the Date for Employee Follow-Up Discussion
III. Providing Feedback for Results*
IV. What Employees Want From Supervisors

* These worksheet pages can be downloaded from the Staff Smart CD.

Table of Contents – Employee Workbook

I. Keys to Success
II. Action Steps to Complete with Your Supervisor
Step 1: Employee Orientation Checklist
Step 2: Review Organizational Mission and Your Job Description
Step 3: Establish Your Work Goals*
Step 4: Identify Job Skills Required and Assess Your Skills
Step 5: Clarify Your Professional Needs and Expectations
Step 6: Create Your Growth and Development Plan*
Step 7: Set the Date for Your Follow-Up Discussion
III. Giving and Receiving Feedback*