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New Manager’s Survival Kit: New Manager Onboarding

New leaders must get off to a fast start in engaging their employees, working with their bosses, and establishing themselves as leaders. The New Manager’s Survival Kit has all the new manager orientation tools you need to succeed the first year and beyond.

The finer details

The New Manager’s Survival Kit condenses volumes of management books into a simple set of new manager on-boarding tools, presentations, checklists, and other resources. Figure out how to assess your team, understand your new boss, and leverage your strengths to get off to a strong start. In the workbook and CD you will get:

• Easy to use worksheets to help you plan ahead,
• An Excel timeline with all the activities that you should complete to be successful – just enter your start date and you are ready to roll,
• A PowerPoint template (just fill in the blanks) for your first staff meeting,
• A self-assessment and a tool to help you leverage your strengths,
• Preparation sheets for meetings with your department and your boss, and
• Steps to evaluate your department and create your plan to improve it.

Table of contents

Section 1: Introduction
Managers Who
Why the New Manager’s Survival Kit
New Manager’s Actions and Timeline

Section 2: Actions and Timeline
Actions and Timeline

Section 3. New Manager Practices
Prep for Day One
First All Staff Meeting
1-on-1 Meetings with Staff
First Meeting with Boss
30 Day Meeting with Boss
60 Day – 90 Day- 6 Month Meeting with Boss
One Year Meeting with Boss

Section 4: Coaching Meetings
Preparation for First Coaching Meeting
Preparation for Second Coaching Meeting