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High Performance Toolkit

Healthcare employees provide the best patient care when they see the hospital experience through the patient’s eyes. Help your staff better understand the hospital environment with the Medland Patient Experience Game complete with facilitator guide and an individual action plan.

The finer details

Medland Game is a facilitated board game for healthcare employees that allows them to experience the hospital from a patient’s point of view. Players (“Patients”) draw cards that tell a real story about a positive, or not so positive, patient experience and then link it back to their own personal experiences. Throughout the game, players face unexpected situations that may arise during a hospital stay, as well as care givers who either help or hinder recovery. The Medland Patient Experience Game helps employees gain a deep understanding about how all roles must work together to create a distinguished patient experience.

This game can be incorporated into a tailored 3-4 hour MissionAlive! training session that is built to help staff experientially explore the mission and values that guide their work. Participants each plan to improve my “piece of the experience puzzle” which brings the learning to life.

Increase patient satisfaction and employee understanding with the Medland Patient Experience Game.

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