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Find Your Ideal Job With the Job Seekers Toolkit

Tired of searching the job boards but not seeing anything interesting? Have you been to job interviews but not gotten a job offer? Feel stuck in a job you don’t like? With the Job Seekers Toolkit, you can land the job you want!

The finer details

The Job Seekers Toolkit has tips and tools for job seekers to help you find your ideal job. This isn’t the “same old thing” you may have seen before. This hands-on kit is like having a recruiter at your side; it even comes with live support for your questions. Written by the people who evaluate job candidates and build tests used in hiring, this toolkit gives you the inside track to success. With the Job Seekers Toolkit you will:

• Work through a series of self-assessment tools to understand your strengths and weaknesses,
• Find out what company culture you will thrive in and how to spot it,
• Learn how to package yourself online and on paper,
• Understand the typical hiring process, the factors that could knock you out of contention for a job, and how to do well on hiring tests,
• Get tips on how to present yourself in person and online, and
• Work with a CD of easy-to-use forms and worksheets that will help make your job search a success.
• The Job Seekers Toolkit will not only help you find a job, it will help you find the job and company that fit you best.

Table of contents

I. Using this Toolkit

II. Dealing with Your Feelings
Start with a Positive Outlook
Learning from Past Career Choices

III. Knowing Yourself
Work Values
Top Competencies
Your Style

IV. Identifying the Right Job and Company for You
“Next Job” Priorities
Where do you Want to Work?

V. Clarifying your Career/Job Goals

VI. Building Your Resume 
Job Objective
Personal Information 
Skills and Accomplishments
Skills as Action Verbs 
Acknowledging Accomplishments
Presenting Yourself in a Resume
Ten Most Common Resume Writing Mistakes
Selecting a Resume Format
Evaluating Your Resume

VII. A Purposeful Online Presence

VIII. Networking 
Putting Your Network to Work: Information Interviews
Telephone Contacts

IX. Preparing for the Interview
Questions You May Have
Some Important Advice

X. After the Interview