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High Performance Toolkit

Performance management skills are essential for developing and motivating employees to produce results. Developing employees means setting clear roles and expectations, accurately measuring employee performance, and giving objective and constructive performance feedback.

The finer details

This toolkit is filled with performance management tools to make employee development easy. We’ll send you a CD that contains everything you need, including:

• A one-year calendar marked with simple, streamlined steps to build team development into a routine,
• Details about how to set clear expectations with your group and then reinforce them in one-on-one meetings,
• Assessments to measure employee performance,
• Simple to use performance appraisal and feedback forms to objectively capture both positive and negative performance examples,
• Best practices for giving performance feedback to ensure that review time is a breeze – you will even learn how to overcome employee resistance to feedback, and
• A PowerPoint presentation to help explain the employee development process to your team.

Table of contents

Section 1: Performance Management

Section 2: The Performance Management Process Overview

Section 3: Define High Performance
Clarify Work Roles
Set the Standards for Success
Communicate Expectations

Section 4: Draw up a Work Plan 
Specify Work Assignments
Make a Plan for Action
Provide Needed Resources

Section 5: Determine Follow-up Needs
Monitor and Document Performance
Give Frequent Feedback

Section 6: Performance Evaluation
Coaching for Performance
Troubleshoot and Redirect Performance
Reward High Performance

Section 7: Performance Management Timeline