Real Leadership 360° Suite™

Organizations need effective leadership to drive business strategy and results. Develop the leadership you need with the customizable and highly effective REAL Leadership 360° Suite™. This leadership development process provides feedback from boss, peers, and direct reports, turning powerful insights into results with personalized action planning and follow-up.

Staff smart

People are the core of any business. If your company seems to have a revolving front door, you’re probably spending more time training new employees than running the business. Staff Smart can help! With Staff Smart, you’ll have a proven, time-tested “Smart Start” orientation and performance toolkit for new and existing employees.

New Manager’s Survival Kit

The New Manager’s Survival Kit has all the new manager orientation tools you need to succeed the first year and beyond. It condenses volumes of management books into a simple set of new manager on-boarding tools, presentations, assessment and “to do” checklists, plus many resources that will set your new department on the path to success

Job Seekers Toolkit

Land the job you want with the Job Seekers Toolkit. This toolkit, written by experts who evaluate job candidates and make hiring decisions, has the tips and tools to help you find your ideal job. Even in a terrible economy, 90% of people have jobs. You can be successful – this toolkit gives you the inside track to success.

High Performance Toolkit

In lean and busy times, developing employees takes a backseat. But developing employees is essential to business success. This toolkit is filled with performance management tools that organize you and make it easy to be a terrific developer of your people.

Medland Patient Experience Game

Achieve higher patient satisfaction scores by helping employees live the healthcare mission in their daily work. From the clinical staff to the security and housekeeping staff, every role that touches patients from entry though discharge is captured in this engaging board game.