Defining Strategy.

Strategic planning is the process of defining strategy and making decisions on allocating resources to pursue the strategy. Working with the leadership team, we use tools that facilitate creative insights that lead to concrete action plan to achieve a desired future state. Our approach leverages appreciative inquiry to shape the top priorities for the organization, using a methodical and data-driven process. This ensures the strategic plan is relevant in today’s quickly changing economic environment and impacts key performance indicators.

That’s leading better.

Signs that your organization could benefit from strategic planning:

• Lack of a clear mission and organizational values that drive behavior
• Disagreement among top leadership on how to achieve profitable growth
• Flat or declining sales
• High turnover among key team members
• Flavor the month initiatives that don’t drive results and leave your team disengaged

If you are a leader of an organization showing any of these signs, contact us so we can tailor an approach to strategic planning that will provide you with the laser focus on results you need.  Our consultants have facilitated strategic planning for start ups, non-profit and mature for-profit companies.