Women Leadership

Women are catching up to men by leaps and bounds, but the unique challenges they face as leaders persist. Women develop deeper understanding on how to tackle the issues they encounter at work and learn to leverage their strengths.

O.E. Strategies facilitates several workshops for women leaders. The four-hour workshops include lecture, guided discussion and interactive activities.


Embrace Your EQ

EQ has been shown to support high job and leadership performance in a number of prior research studies. Women leaders benefit from seeing their EQ strengths and identifying areas that may cause them not to fully leverage their strengths

Developing Your Leadership Brand

The Brand Report package based on the Harrison assessment can be leveraged to allow leaders to see their greatest strengths, Build on their “Life Themes” and other strengths in their Traits Report. Understanding the value of self-awareness and intentionality about leveraging strengths in a way that is visible to others is a career management miss for many women.

Empowering Skills for Women

This workshop builds on Developing Your Leadership Brand by helping women see how to leverage their own strengths in empowering other women. Developing their teachable point of view, powerful stories and the ability to ask powerful questions are valuable and necessary.

Powerful Communication

Verbal and non-verbal communication are the primary tools that leaders use to get work done. This course focuses on identifying your style, being aware of negative habits that women are most prone to exhibit. Charge up your presence with awareness and practice of body language, story-telling and messaging.