Leadership Training

O.E. Strategies offers a broad range of training that can be customized to your organization. Based on an adult learning approach, our courses support empowered learning and the practice of new skills.

Social Styles in Communication
Take an assessment and learn the strengths and weakness of your communication habits and how to adapt to differing styles, particularly in emotional situations. Participants will practice communicating flexibility with each other.

Learn how to support teams in problem solving, enforcing norms and adapting to change. Simulations and case studies are used to help managers practice unfreezing teams in gridlock.

Stress Management
Learn and practice techniques for framing stress in a positive, constructive manner. Stress is attributed to environment but we control our own reactions. Managers develop their own plan and identify the techniques best for them.

Generational Management
Managing across the differing expectations and work styles is addressed with specific techniques to keep each of the 4 generations engaged. Managers develop a plan for their own direct reports.

Candid Conversation
Participants will practice providing candid messages about performance, expectations and workplace problems. Understanding others perspectives and sharing both your data and conclusions are the critical keys that are interactively presented and practiced.

Employee Engagement
Learn how to use your engagement data to drive managerial actions that increase engagement. Supporting the climate is critical. Managers learn to deal effectively with individuals across the spectrum of low to highly engaged.

Dealing with Change
Focuses on the nature of change, communicating change, and integrating change into the workplace. Employee satisfaction and morale relate to important business drivers such as customer satisfaction and profitability. Whenever a business changes – due to growth or entering a new area of expertise –leaders need to know how to communicate the change, build confidence, remove barriers, and support new skills.

Coaching for Success
Useful for developing the talents and skills of employees. In this workshop, participants learn how to identify opportunities, supply feedback for growth, set goals, build trust, and track progress for career development.

This workshop focuses on why delegation is an important business strategy, barriers to delegation, and degrees of delegation. The manager will understand how and when to delegate.

Conflict Management
Every organization has areas of conflict. Managing conflict leads to better solutions and organizational success. In this workshop, participants learn the value of conflict, how to deal with difficult people, influence tactics, and how to find common ground.