4R Leadership 360° Suite™

Leadership Effectiveness through Awareness and Action. The 4R Leadership 360° Suite™ allows you to develop more effective leaders. The suite is a process that provides feedback from multiple perspectives and turns insights into results with personalized action planning.


Partnering with you.

We partner with you to make change. Easily customizable, the 4R Leadership 360° Suite™ allows you to tailor items and leadership competencies

The $395 per participant includes:

• Online rater selection (choose the right people to complete the survey)
• The 360° feedback survey (sent to participant’s peers, direct reports, and manager),
• Online individual action plans for each participant
• A follow-up pulse survey to track improvement in leadership effectiveness.

4R Leadership 360 Model

Leaders are not born, they are developed. The 4R Leadership 360° Suite™ is a tool designed using theoretical science to help develop and build effective leaders.

The 4R Leadership model encourages leaders to develop using feedback about core leadership behaviors.

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