Harrison Assessment® System

The Harrison Assessment is a tool for increasing self-awareness of both strengths and blind spots designed to be used for selection and development.  Uniquely, the Harrison is not a personality test. It reveals deeply rooted preferences that determine essential high-performance traits or those that will hinder performance related to specific positions. It predicts job success by determining mission-critical behavioral competencies and it is a decision-making and productivity assessment tool which is used to achieve bottom-line objectives.

The O.E. Strategies team of Industrial-Organization psychologists are Harrison Level II certified and conducts developmental debriefs, teambuilding trainings, and coaching based around the assessment.  We can partner with your organization to certify your team for conducting their own internal debriefs.

We are happy to provide a free demo and debrief upon request.


Business results

The Harrison Assessment® will accurately predict (based on validated studies) how a person is going to perform based on benchmarking your low, mid and high performers.  The assessment will provide influence into:

• The person’s greatest strengths
• What they pursue and/or avoid
• How they communicate, influence, and lead
• How they handle autonomy, freedom, and responsibility
• Will they take personal initiative
• How innovative will they be when confronted with difficult challenges
• What negative traits might they display under pressure