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O.E. Strategies is excited to continue our 2024 free webinar series!

In 2024, our series of no-cost webinars, which are open to everyone, is focused on the theme, Building Effective Leaders. Here we will focus on the issues and opportunities revealed to be key indicators of organizational leverage by our extensive experience with leadership assessments and executive development.

Organizational leverage comes from capabilities to get more done without doing more work (especially important for leaders). It’s about finding ways to multiply your impact and effectiveness by leveraging existing resources – your talent, your money, your time, and your skills. Register below to receive an invite link for our next webinar. 

B a l a n c i n g   t e n s i o n s

FRIDAY, May 3RD, 2024 – 12:00PM – 1:00PM EDT

You are invited to join Drs. Suzanne Miklos and Mike Sliter for a free 60-minute webinar where we will explore:

  • The importance of leadership balance for organizational success
  • Identifying common tensions and strategies for equilibrium
  • Practical tools for self-awareness and overcoming challenges

This is especially valuable for managers in developing their coaching and leadership capabilities.

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